Founded in 1990 in Toyako Onsen, a town with hot springs at the foot of Mt. Usu. We make ramen using local Hokkaido ingredients. The spicy Funka Ramen seen at Usu is a popular ramen not only from Japan but also from overseas.



Many of the ingredients used in ramen are domestic. The manager carefully selects the ingredients. The rice is from Sobetsu town in Hokkaido. Also, soups are cooked homemade over a number of hours with many ingredients. Soup may be lost, but please forgive. We have a commitment so that everyone can enjoy ramen.

훈카 라멘
Funka Ramen

Funka Ramen is our recommended ramen. The shape of ramen and the kimchi that spills out like lava, resembling Mt. Usu, add rich flavor to the ramen. It is not just a spicy ramen, but a ramen that you can taste delicious spicy. There is also Funka Ramen with moderated spiciness for those who are not good at spiciness. Please enjoy it if you like.

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Address59-2, Toyako Onsen, Toyako, Abuta, Hokkaido
Open hours11:00 ~ 14:30 |18:00 ~ 20:30